Mon, AM: Webb and Robertson Continue to Hammer Gov’s HBI case

October 25, 2004 11:12 am by Gene Borio

Mr. Webb questioned Gray Robertson this morning on the allegations of Reginald Simmons, and on the allegations made in the Jeffrey Seckler case.

We found that the Seckler case was “dismissed with prejudice” when the court was presented with a settlement between the parties in which Jeffrey Seckler, according to Mr. Robertson, “signed a statement that he was lying and knew that he was lying.”

The “Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice” was shown to the court, and the settlement conditions read in part,

“Relator expressly acknowledges that to his knowledge HBI did not falsely and fraudulently obtain contracts from the United States and did not falsely and fraudulently perform indoor air quality inspections of United States Government buildings and did not falsely and fraudulently represent to the United States on the indoor air quality inspections it performed on government buildings.”

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  1. jeff seckler Says:

    I deeply regret ever signing any agreement with tobacco interests and Healthy Buildings International to settle our lawsuit. My actions were primarily due to my poorly financed (I suspect) lawyer’s unwillingness to go to trial. My settlement statement was limited to my personal knowledge of air quality inspections (I was not an inspector) of federal buildings and in no way rescinded any of the other allegations I made about the public relations and other activities of my previous employer (HBI). I would be more than happy to discuss any of this with any interested party.

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