Next Witness: John Rupp

October 27, 2004 3:52 am by Gene Borio

“Is $100 million campaign [on ETS] worth an x increase in sales? Yes.”
–Project Down Under Conference Notes

From the United State’s Factual Memorandum:

Rupp, John P.

US Fact Witness

Mr. Rupp has been an attorney with the tobacco industry law firm Covington & Burling from 1977 to present. He has performed work for all Defendants save Council for Tobacco Research (”CTR”) and Liggett. Mr. Rupp’s services for Defendants intensified in the 1980s as the issue of secondhand smoke began to become more and more important both in the public health community and for Defendants. Mr. Rupp coordinated and unified the efforts of the cigarette manufacturers around the world through the establishment of the ETS Consultancy Programme. He took a lead role in the recruitment and handling of scientists and other consultants who were willing to speak or work on behalf of the tobacco companies. He was counsel for the Center for Indoor Air Research (”CIAR”) from 1988 to 1998, assisted in the review/selection of projects for industry funding, and attended meeting of the Board of Directors. Mr. Rupp has also worked extensively on behalf of the industry with respect to lobbying and providing witnesses to testify at regulatory and other hearings. He continues to perform services for Covington & Burling, the Tobacco Institute, British American Tobacco, and the Imperial Tobacco Company.


Expect questions on:

  • The Tobacco Institute Testing Laboratory (”TITL”)
  • The Invitation-only McGill University symposium (1989)
  • The “White Coat” project (Witness development)
  • The ETS Consultant Program
  • Operation Down Under
  • The Indoor Air Pollution Advisory Group (”IAPAG”)
  • The Committee of Counsel’s ETS Advisory Group, aka “the Hoel Committee”
  • CIAR
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