Order of Witnesses as of 10/13

October 29, 2004 1:10 am by Gene Borio

Rule 471b states,

There will be two ninety-minute Interim Summations allocated for each side.

It’s unclear when the first “interim summation” will be. The trial has completed its 6th week, so the government has approximately 6 weeks left to make its case; it should be soon.


Monday’s Schedule is:

  • Sorell Schwartz Fact Live – Adverse
  • Dr. Neal Benowitz Expert Live
  • ———————————————————

    The following is a modified version of the updated order of witnesses, as filed by the Government 10/13/04.

    The witnesses to follow Schwartz and Benowitz will be:

    # Witness Fact/Expert Live/Prior

    83 Dr. Michael Weitzman Expert Live
    84 Mary Ward Fact Live – Adverse
    85 Gergory Wulchin Fact Live
    86 Max Eisenberg Fact Live – Adverse
    87 Helmut Reif Fact Prior
    88 William Dunn Fact Prior
    89 Richard Carchman Fact Prior
    90 Cathy Ellis Fact Prior
    91 Joseph deBethizy Fact Prior
    92 Thomas Sandefur Fact Prior
    93 John Robinson Fact Prior
    94 Frank Gullotta Fact Prior
    95 Charles Green Fact Live – Adverse
    [96 Dr. Neal Benowitz Expert Live–Scheduled for Monday]
    97 Wayne Juchatz Fact Live – Adverse
    98 Victor DeNoble Fact Live
    99 Paul Mele Fact Live
    100 Kenneth Houghton Fact Prior
    101 Timothy Jackson Fact Prior
    102 Robert Sprinkle Fact Prior
    103 Roger Black Fact Prior
    104 Frederick Schultz Fact Prior
    105 Gary Burger Fact Prior
    106 Jerry Whidby Fact Prior
    107 Steven Jones Fact Prior
    108 Dr. Jack Henningfield Expert Live
    109 Dr. Neil Weinstein Expert Live
    110 Dr. David Burns Expert Live
    111 Susan Ivey Fact Live – Adverse
    112 Ian Uydess Fact Prior
    113 Ronald Bernstein Fact Prior
    114 John Woods Fact Prior
    115 James Morgan Fact Prior
    116 Jeanne Bonhomme Fact Prior
    117 Susan Norris Fact Prior
    118 Denise Keane Fact Prior
    119 Robert Mikulay Fact Prior
    120 Dr. Robert Dolan Expert Live
    121 Dr. Dean Krugman Expert Live
    122 Dr. Frank Chaloupka Expert Live
    123 Dr. Anthony Biglan Expert Live
    124 Suzanne LeVan Fact Prior
    125 Carolyn Levy Fact Prior
    126 Nancy Lund Fact Prior
    127 Richard Camisa Fact Prior
    128 Michael Mahan Fact Prior
    129 Stephen Sampson Fact Prior
    130 Roy Anise Fact Prior
    131 Nancy Conrad Fact Prior
    132 Dr. Paul Slovic Expert Live
    133 Dr. Michael Eriksen Expert Live
    134 Jeffrey Wigand Fact Live
    135 David Iauco Fact Prior
    136 Cheryl Smigelski Fact Prior
    137 Shari Teitelbaum Fact Prior
    138 Thomas Dudreck Fact Prior
    139 Craig Johnson Fact Prior
    140 Harold Petch Fact Prior
    141 Steven Shipe Fact Prior
    142 James Taylor Fact Prior
    143 Nicholas Cannar Fact Live – Adverse1
    144 Andrew Foyle Fact Live – Adverse2
    145 Michael Watkins Fact Live
    146 David Schechter Fact Live – Adverse
    147 Kendrick Wells Fact Live – Adverse
    148 John Welch Fact Live
    149 Frederic Gulson Fact Live
    150 Kathleen Sparrow Fact Prior
    151 Daniel Donahue Fact Prior
    152 John Bowen Ross Fact Prior
    153 Ron Fulford Fact Prior
    154 Victor Lindsley Fact Prior
    155 George Telford Fact Prior
    156 Frances Creighton Fact Prior
    157 Edmund Leary Fact Prior
    158 Lynn Beasley Fact Prior
    159 Patricia Itterman Fact Prior
    160 Guy Blynn Fact Prior
    161 Stephen Strawsburg Fact Prior
    162 Donald Tredennick Fact Prior
    163 Ronald Milstein Fact Prior
    164 Steven Watson Fact Prior
    165 Sharon Smith Fact Prior
    166 Claudia Newton Fact Prior
    167 Robert Bexon Fact Prior
    168 Carl Schoenbachler Fact Prior
    169 Diane Burrows Fact Prior
    170 Edward Horrigan Fact Prior
    171 Graham Read Fact Prior
    172 Alison Kay Kinnard Fact Prior3
    173 Dr. Jonathan Gruber Expert Live
    174 Dr. Franklin Fisher Expert Live
    175 Dr. Timothy Wyant Expert Live
    176 Cheryl Healton Fact Live
    177 Dr. Paul Bunn Expert Live
    178 Dr. Ira Ockene Expert Live
    179 Surgeon General Richard Carmona Fact Live

    1 Mr. Cannar’s live trial testimony was taken in June 2004 in Australia pursuant to letter of request.

    2 Mr. Foyle’s live trial testimony was taken in April 2004 in the United Kingdom pursuant to letter of request.

    3 The United States indicated to defendant BATCo its intention to call Ms. Kinnard, who resides in the United Kingdom, for live testimony at trial, but BATCo, despite exercising control over Ms. Kinnard, refused to make her available. The United States reserves the right to seek an appropriate remedy for BATCo’s refusal.

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