Dr. Krugman- An Overview from a Guest Blogger

December 15, 2004 12:30 am by sagebrush

Dr. Dean Krugman, an expert in Mass Marketing and Marketing Communication, was a witness this afternoon for the DOJ, presenting several 6-inch thick, wire spiral-bound books containing 11″ x 17″ color copies of every cigarette ad that ever ran in Rolling Stone magazine from 1974-October 2004. A huge color Rolling Stone magazine cover featuring Britney Spears graced the overhead screen for a time, and served, perhaps, as the high point of the afternoon. The overall points of Dr. Krugman’s testimony were that 1) cigarette ads target youth 12-17, and 2) to demonstrate that cigarette ads contain the four necessary components of effective mass marketing: ubiquity, continuity, reach and imagery. Testimony broke down after the direct, however, becoming monotonous and muddied. The judge seemed strained and even a little bit ill, at times coughing and sounding hoarse. The afternoon wrapped up promptly at 4:30 PM, with an estimated 3 more hours of cross examination still expected for Krugman. It’s going to be a long haul. Each tobacco company gets the opportunity to cross-examine each witness, and since there are multiple companies involved, it turns cross-examination a long, drawn-out affair. One can only hope that the first few companies cover the bases in the questioning so as to shorten the rest of the cross. The next witness scheduled after Krugman is supposed to be Victor DeNoble, who is known for his energy and who may pick things up a bit.

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