WED AM: Parrinsh Nailed on Industry ETS Scientists

January 26, 2005 11:08 am by Gene Borio

WED AM: Webb asks Parrish on Altria, FDA Push


Philip Morris attorney Dan Webb began his cross of Steven Parrish with a delineation of the corporate structure of Altria and its “investment” companies. It’s a relatively complex structure I will talk about in a later piece. But Mr. Webb emphasized the complete separation of companies–officers, offices, financial records, etc.

Then he examined Philip Morris’ — and Mr. Parrish’s — confrontational approach to their adversaries in the mid-90s–ie, lawsuits (FDA and ABC), personal vilification (FDA chief David Kessler), etc.

Mr. Parrish said he came to a change of heart in the mid-late 90s.

He sat “across the table” with tobacco control advocates, government regulators and attorneys general during the fight for a national tobacco control bill (known as the Congressional Resolution of June 20, 1997). He also began to have “private, informal” meetings after Dr. Kessler who had left the FDA at the time of the meetings. He said he apologized to Dr. Kessler, and was even invited by him to sit on a panel at a conference organized “by a health organization.”

He realized, he said, many he had considered adversaries were not the people he himself had painted them as, but were actually people with whom he and Philip Morris could conceivably work.

Over the objections of DOJ attorney Gregg Schwind, Mr. Webb took Mr. Parrish through a brief timeline of Philip Morris’ current advocacy of FDA regulation.

He emphasized the company had worked with Rep. Waxman, Sens. DeWine and Kennedy, CTFK chief Matt Myers and, yes, ex-FDA chief David Kessler

NOTE: Dr. Eriksen will not testify until tomorrow, Thursday

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