NEXT UP AT WHISTLEBLOWER CENTRAL: Schechter, Eriksen 2, Wells, LeBow

January 31, 2005 1:40 pm by Gene Borio

Dr. Wigand has taken some damage, but it’s hard to tell if Mr. Bernick has succeeded in impeaching him to the extent his testimony would be disregarded. DOJ Attorney James Gette is rehabilitating him well.

Mr. Schechter’s testimony, due Tues, will be short, probably half a day.

On Wednesday, Dr. Eriksen will finish his testimony, to be followed by J. Kendrick Wells.

On Thursday, Bennett LeBow will testify.

Schechter, David

US Fact Witness

Until his final separation from the BAT group in 1994, David Schechter was an in-house lawyer for Brown, Williamson and its parent company BATUS, and later became a consultant to BATCo on document management issues. Mr. Schechter’s work history with the BAT group of companies included all of the following positions:

–1967-1974 Tax Attorney, Brown, Williamson Tobacco Corporation

–1974-1979 Tax Attorney, Brown, Williamson Industries

–1979-1980 Vice President, General Counsel-Retail of Brown, Williamson Industries, which was a U.S. subsidiary of the ultimate BAT parent company

–1980-1992 Vice President, General Counsel of BATUS, Brown, Williamson Tobacco Corporation’s parent company

–1993-1994 Consultant to BATCo

During the later part of his career, Mr. Schechter worked to develop and implement a document “management” program for the entire BAT group of companies. As Mr. Schechter has explained, part of the basis for the document “management” program was to prevent “sensitive” documents from being available to potential litigants in smoking and health litigation in the United States. Mr. Schechter was also involved with implementation of the document “management” program in Australia, as well as coordinating legal representation of BAT’s Australian company, W.D., H.O. Wills (later known as BATAS), in smoking and health litigation.

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