Battle Brewing over Remedies Witnesses

March 24, 2005 11:56 am by Gene Borio

The Defense has “serious legal problems” with the Government’s list of remedies witnesses, B&W’s David Bernick said this moring. The Defendants want a “full and fair opportunity” to defend itself against the governments’ new remedies witnesses and new witness testimonies. Mr. Bernick complained about a last-minute remedy costing $120 billion. The Defense wants a full accounting of what the witnesses are going to testify about, especially Matt Myers.

DOJ’s Sharon Eubanks accused the Defense of trying to derail the trial.

Judge Kessler will look over the parties’ submissions on the matter over lunch and a discussion–which could get heated–will follow this afternoon. A lawyer from American Legacy Foundation as well as a lawyer from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids will probably be present, as there are serious issues involving their organizations.

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