THU, DAY 104: Legacy on the Hot Seat

May 12, 2005 12:54 pm by Gene Borio

The battle of wits here between American Legacy Foundation CEO and President Dr. Cheryl Healton and Philip Morris USA attorney Dan Webb has an interesting emotional component.

For example, it’s fairly well-known–and surely Mr. Webb is aware–that the American Legacy Foundation likes to refer to itself as, “Legacy,” for short. Yet Mr. Webb, with but a few slips, continually refers to the organization as “ALF.” You know, like that dog-eared Alien Life Form from the 80s TV show.

Dr. Healton, for her part, often addressed Mr. Webb as if he were Philip Morris himself, referring to “your survey,” etc. She also eschewed the short answer, making sure that any answer she gave could not to be taken in a way that would help Mr. Webb build his case. In fact, she had to be advised by Judge Kessler to only answer the questions that were asked, and not to talk over Mr. Webb. (”Mr. Webb,” Judge Kessler said, “knows better than to talk over you.”)

Substantively, Mr. Webb brought up a few instances of potential bias and Legacy funding that on their faces looked pretty bad.

Then he attacked the science and funding disclosures of Legacy’s studies of anti-youth smoking ads.

More to come….

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  1. tobacco observer Says:

    ALF is also the “Animal Liberation Front” the terrorist wing of the animal rights/anti-vivisectionist lobby that likes to smash into laboratories and free the innocent mice, and so forth.

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