DOJ Files 272-page Post-trial Brief

August 25, 2005 8:49 am by Gene Borio

Excerpt From: 8/24/05 DOJ’s Post-Trial Brief:


The evidentiary record established during this lengthy trial unequivocally demonstrates the liability of all Defendants under RICO. Defendants’ unlawful conduct has transpired over a period of more than fifty years so far. The United States has established that the conduct that demonstrates liability will continue, with devastating consequences for the health of the American people in the absence of comprehensive relief. Those consequences of this future fraud will be seen in the form of disease and death, as more children become addicted to cigarettes as a result of Defendants’ fraudulent actions. The serious consequences of Defendants’ unlawful conduct underscore the need for a thorough remedial order that will effectively curtail the fraud that has so harmed the American public.

The United States respectfully requests that the Court find Defendants liable and render, immediately, a decision on liability and make liability findings, including credibility determinations, entering judgment in accordance with the United States’ Proposed Final Judgment and Order. Furthermore, the United States requests an award of costs.

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