Recent DOJ Filings

September 7, 2005 10:46 am by Gene Borio

It has come to the Blog’s attention that even knowledgeable people are confused about where to find things in the spate of recent filings. I will try to sort out and post the many health groups’ records, but those looking for the DOJ’s filings–especially its massive, 2500-page, 16MB, redacted Post-Trial Proposed Findings of Fact filed on Aug. 15–can find links to them at the Justice Department’s tobacco trial page.

[NB: All filings and links to filings posted here on Tobacco On Trial are compiled in the “Court Filings” section,]

I herein reproduce the relevant section from the DOJ’s page (”Section 508″ refers to Federal information access requirements for those with disabilities):

On June 27, 2005, the United States filed its post-trial Proposed Remedies Order. On August 15, 2005, the United States filed its post-trial Proposed Findings of Fact, which detail the trial evidence concerning defendants’ conduct over the past 50 years. The Executive Summary is 37 pages (and with full table of contents totals 68 pages, 463 KB). The full document totals 2,454 pages and has Adobe Acrobat bookmarks (redacted for public viewing, and incorporating errata as of August 16, 2005, the full document in non-Section 508 compliant form is 15.6 MB; the full document in Section 508 accessible form is 41.4 MB.)

The United States filed its post-trial legal brief August 24, 2005 (270 pages of text; full document 301 pages), with Adobe Acrobat bookmarks, 2.13 MB.

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