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SCHWAB Plaintiffs Seek to Disqualify Company Scientists’ Testimonies as “Junk Science” under Daubert

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

As previously scheduled, June 9 saw a flurry of filings in the Schwab case–31, to be exact, mostly the usual motions to exclude various witnesses’ testimonies.
But even Brooklyn Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein (E.D.N.Y.) must have been just a little taken aback to see the Hausfeld team asking him to exclude ALL of the […]

BAT Responds to DOJ Praecipe on Mowbray Case

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

On June 6, BAT (BATAS and BATCo) filed its response to the DOJ’s Mowbray/Brambles Praecipe directing Judge Kessler’s attention to an Australian court’s judgment on privileged documents. BAT counters that the Dust Diseases Tribunal decision is unworthy of Judge Kessler’s attention.
BAT’s filing notes that the Australian court did not have the testimonies of Mr. Cannar […]

DOJ Clears McCallum of Misconduct Charges

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

The DOJ has cleared Assoc. Attorney General Robert McCallum of “improper influence” in the lowering of remedies targets in the DOJ case.
“[W]e found that your actions in seeking and directing changes in the remedies sought were not influenced by any political considerations, but rather were based on good faith efforts to obtain remedies from the […]