July 13, 2006 10:48 pm by Gene Borio

Sharon Eubanks, ex-head of the DOJ’s legal team in USA v. Philip Morris, was on the panel of a litigation symposium at the World Conference on Tobacco OR Health Thursday.

She drew on her DOJ experience to give the audience tips on how to fight the industry’s tactics.

I asked her if she’d had any feelings about tobacco when she began work on the case in 1999. She said, no, not particularly. She thought the case was “interesting,” but almost immediately, she found herself working with Roberta Walburn (the brilliant document expert in Michael Ciresi’s Minnesota law firm). She quickly saw what was going on. “And by 2001,” she said, “I knew there was no going back.”

So here’s a woman who overcame a hostile administration, outfoxed a Congress, spearheaded the prosecution of one of the most complex pieces of litigation in the country’s history, and even battled to a standstill (and may have defeated) a full platoon of $1,000/hour tobacco lawyers backed by a support staff that stretched off into the horizon. So which major, high-power law firms were beating down her door to hire what was demonstrably one of the country’s top litigators, do you think?

Sharon Eubanks listens to Madelyn Chaber at Dick Daynard\'s Legal Symposium

Sharon Eubanks at Dick Daynard\'s Legal Symposium

[More to come, it’ll take me till tomorrow to write it up . . . Hers is a rich, incredible story. Vanity Fair, pounce!]

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