DOCKET FOR USA v. PHILIP MORRIS USA, et al Dec. 23-Dec. 29, 2011.

December 31, 2011 1:16 pm by Gene Borio

Date Filed: 09/22/1999

Jury Demand: Both

Nature of Suit: 890 Other Statutory Actions

Jurisdiction: U.S. Government Plaintiff

Date Filed # Docket Text

12/23/2011 5960 NOTICE by R.J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY (Francisco, Noel) (Entered: 12/23/2011)

12/23/2011 DEPOSIT of Funds into registry of the Court on December 23, 2011, in the amount of $200,000.00. Receipt Number 4616044746 by RJ REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO. (dr) (Entered: 12/27/2011)

12/27/2011 5961 Consent ORDER 5958 Between the United States, the Public Health Intervenors, and Lorillard Tobacco Company Concerning Document Disclosure Obligations Under Order #1015. Signed by Judge Gladys Kessler on 12/23/11. (alp) (Entered: 12/27/2011)

12/29/2011 5962 ORDER #29-Remand: No Defendant shall remove any document from the population available to the public at the [Minnesota] Depository until further Order of the Court (see Order for details). Signed by Judge Gladys Kessler on 12/19/11. (CL, ) (Entered: 12/29/2011)

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