DOCKET for USA v. PHILIP MORRIS USA, et al Oct 21, 2015

October 22, 2015 2:55 am by Gene Borio

10/21/2015 6171 NOTICE of United States’ Opening Brief in Support of United States’ Proposed Corrective Statements by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Spanish version of corrective statements, # 2 Exhibit Notice of bulky filing of TV spots, # 3 Exhibit Redline comparison of the Court’s June 2, 2014 consent order against the United States’ proposed order, # 4 Text of Proposed Order)(Crane-Hirsch, Daniel) (Entered: 10/21/2015)

10/21/2015 6172 NOTICE of Public Health Intervenors’ Opening Brief In Support Of The United States’ Revised Corrective Statements And Revised Implementation Proposal by AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION, AMERICANS FOR NONSMOKERS’ RIGHTS, NATIONAL AFRICAN AMERICAN TOBACCO PREVENTION NETWORK, TOBACCO-FREE KIDS ACTION FUND (Crystal, Howard) (Entered: 10/21/2015)

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